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October 16: On Thursday night, the Norwegian royal family hosted a dinner gala for members of Parliament at the Royal Palace in Oslo 

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Crownprincess Victoria of Sweden, with the current King of Netherlands, Willem Alexander and the late Grand Duchess Josephine Charlotte of Luxembourg at the Silver wedding Anniversary of King Harald of Norway and Queen Sonja. 1993.

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2014.10.17: Princess Elisabeth at the First World War commemoration at the St. World War cemetery in Ploegsteert, Belgium.

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Princess Madeleine of Sweden

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Lichtfront: prinses Elisabeth leest voor




Princess Elisabeth, the heir to the Belgian throne gave a speech on the 100th anniversary of the western front of World War I.

The speech was given in the three official languages of Belgium: french, flemish (a dialect of dutch) and german.


Where did time go? Not long ago she was a small wafflette who walked besides her parents, now she’s doing speeches and sheet.

By the time this girl is 18, she’ll be a complete pro at this royal business.

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STAAAAAAHP GROWING UP ELISABETH! Just… stop. I can’t take you being so wonderful and doing speeches and being the perfect Wafflette you are!

Damn. That was pretty flawless. The pride on Mathilde’s face at the end almost made me want to cry. 

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New pictures released on Prince Christian’s 9th birthday, taken during the Crown Prince Family’s visit to Greenland in the summer.


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Queen Mathilde and King Philippe of Belgium at the Autumn Concert at the Royal Palace on October 15, 2014 in Brussels, Belgium. 

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